Alumni Admissions

We help connect prospective students to Duke

As alumni, we have a strong connection to Duke. That makes the DAA the perfect group for two important jobs:

Alumni interview prospective students applying to Duke

Each year, thousands of high school students applying to Duke accept our invitation to be interviewed by a member of our Alumni Admissions Advisory Committees (AAACs). The interview gives the student the chance to learn more about Duke, and it helps Duke learn more about the applicant's personal attributes and accomplishments. Duke Admissions officials read the alumni interviewer's written report with great interest. Learn more about volunteering as an AAAC interviewer.

The Alumni Association serves as a resource for Duke family applicants

Duke and the Duke Alumni Association are committed to maintaining strong family ties to the university, and we give the children and grandchildren of alums special consideration when they apply. We also help alumni-affiliated applicants navigate the process. If you're part of an alumni family, learn more about the admissions process.

Save the Date! June 16-17, 2016: Jump-start College Admissions forum for alumni families

Alumni Admissions Forum Make plans to join us for this on-campus conference exclusively for alumni families. We help rising 10th-, 11th- and 12th-grade students and their parents learn about and gain an edge in the college application and selection process. Distinguished faculty and presenters will help you learn how to select a school, understand college requirements, and maximize your applications.

Learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the interview used in the admissions process?
The purpose of the evaluation is to provide a greater dimension to the applicant's objective data (e.g. test scores, grades, honors, etc.) Because the interview is not mandatory, the interview evaluation cannot be used as a deciding factor in the admissions process. However, the evaluation will be read by at least two Admissions readers and used in conjunction with other letters of recommendation to try to determine the personal characteristics of the applicant. The Admissions officers are very interested in these comments.

What are the responsibilities of the interviewer?
Your responsibilities will include contacting, interviewing, and evaluating prospective students assigned to you by your chairperson. The local chairperson will let you how many interviews to expect in a given interviewing season. Volunteer Job Description (pdf)

We use an online system, AIMS (Alumni Interview Management System) to facilitate the interview process. You will receive your interview assignments and submit your evaluations through AIMS.

What qualifications do I need to become an interviewer?
As an interviewer, you are both a "public relations officer" and a "goodwill ambassador" for Duke. You often are the first interaction a student has with a Duke representative, and you may be instrumental in that first impression of Duke.

You need to have a friendly disposition, have good listening and evaluative skills, be dependable, able to follow instructions and manage deadlines.

Do I have to be an alumnus of the undergraduate school to become an interviewer?
The AAACs only interview applicants for undergraduate admission. Although we do not require that you have an undergraduate degree from Duke, most of our volunteers do. There are some members of our AAACs who have only their graduate or professional degrees from Duke. Since applicants will ask questions about undergraduate life at Duke, we ask that you be prepared to talk about the undergraduate experience.

What is the time commitment?
The interviewing season begins in September and runs through the end of February. The number of interviews you will conduct depends on the number of applicants from your area and the number of available committee members. Your local chairperson will be able to give you a better idea of how many interviews you will conduct during the season.

What kind of training do I need?
Once you are added to a committee's roster, we will make available the training materials to help you with this process. Most of it is self-directed, but your chairperson will serve as a resource and provide assistance at any time through the process.

What is AIMS?
AIMS (Alumni Interview Management System) is our online program to facilitate the interview process. You will receive your interview assignments and submit your evaluations through AIMS. Once you are registered as an AAAC volunteer, you will receive more information and instructions on how to log in to AIMS.

Are there other volunteer opportunities in the AAAC?
Besides interviewing, some volunteers represent Duke at local high school college fairs. Your chairperson will let you know if those opportunities become available.

How do I get started?
Contact your local chairperson and extend your offer to volunteer!