Duke Regional Networks

Duke globally. Duke locally.

Connect with Duke friends and Duke's mission where you live.

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Duke attracts students from across the nation and around the world, and our graduates settle in many countries to pursue their lives' work.

Through Duke Regional Networks Programs, the Duke Alumni Association makes it easy for all the members of the Duke family to connect and engage in their own parts of the world where you live. Fellow alumni and friends of Duke enrich one another's lives, energize one another's careers and endeavors, enjoy festive gatherings together, continue to learn and serve others, and welcome and educate aspiring Duke students.

Through your Regional Network Community, you advance the global mission of Duke in your hometown. Here you can locate the leaders of your Regional communities. Visit your Regional Network's page to discover what's happening right now and how you can get involved. 

Connect with Duke Alums in your area

There are dozens of regional Duke regional communities networks of Duke Alumni in every major metropolitan area of the United States and around the world. These groups connect to network, socialize and to give back to Duke and to their communities. Find your local group.