DEMAN Weekend 2013

Celebrating Alumni and Students in the Entertainment, Media and Arts Community
On behalf of the Duke Alumni Association and the Duke Office of the Vice Provost for the Arts, we would like to thank all of the alumni who attended DEMAN Weekend 2013 for helping make DEMAN Weekend the best yet! We had roughly 100 alumni attending the weekend's events, and we are so grateful for your dedication to DEMAN. We would also like to thank the Arts Initiative Task Force and Duke Magazine’s editorial board for their involvement and attendance throughout the weekend. If you were unable to make it this year, check out our recap below! Also make sure to check out this great feature article from The Chronicle written in anticipation of the weekend!
"Just keep showing up." Tips on the entertainment business
from alumni Robert Milazzo '94 at #DukeDEMAN
DEMAN Weekend Highlights:



Kick-Off Keynote Event
Adam Chodikoff ’93 kicked off the weekend with a talk on his role as senior producer for the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Nearly 200 Duke community members came out to hear how a “Duke alum is diligently corrupting our nation's most sacred institutions on a nightly basis.” For more on his talk check out the Duke Today article covering the keynote address. Want to learn more about Adam? Check out his interview with The Chronicle or watch Adam’s pre-keynote interview.


 Info Sessions

Info Session on arts, entertainment and media opportunities
for students at Duke

This is a new program we added this year to help educate alumni on the different programs offered at Duke in the arts, media and entertainment industries - giving them a better understanding of how they can play a role.



Panel of distinguished alumni at the Nasher Museum of Art
This year’s topic was “translating your Duke experience into a career in a creative field,” moderated by Lesley Jane Seymour ’78 (editor-in-chief of More magazine) and featuring Brandt Joel ’87 (head of Talent Department of WME), Penka Kouneva Ph.D’97 (composer and orchestrator for Big-budget Films and Games), and Robert Milazzo ’94 (founder of the Modern School of Film). This was by far one of the biggest hits of the weekend. These amazing panelists gave invaluable advice to a completely filled theater with students and alumni crowding the aisles.



Saturday afternoon student workshops hosted by alumni speakers. There were 14 workshops this year and a total of 132 students attended this part of the weekend. The workshops include: Visual Art and Innovation, The Contemporary Art World and Brand Building, Blazing a Trail: Dancing Toward Your Own Career, Composing Music for Hollywood, Starting a Career in Hollywood, Entrepreneurship and Film, Documentary Storytelling, Global Branding and Local Marketing, Embracing Your Story: Blogging and Disney, The Media Revolution is Evolution, The Business of Theater, Being Young Professionals in the DEMAN Industries, Television and Storytelling, and Investigative Humorism.

Smalltown Records


Small Town Records Studio Recording Session with with special guest Colin Tierney ’09 (manager of digital brand strategy at Ralph Lauren and founder of Duke University’s Small Town Records)

Smalltown Records Presidents

Three generations of Small Town Records Presidents: Julian Jacobson '13, Colin Tierney '09, and future alum Tyler Nelson '16

Good Ol' Freda

Special CDS Film Screening of GOOD OL’ FREDA (a documentary about the Beatles’ trusted friend and secretary, Freda Kelly) with an introduction and a post-screening Q&A with the Director/Producer Ryan White ’04 (filmmaker and Sundance Fellow)

 Arts Festival

Celebration of the conclusion of a successful DEMAN Weekend and Arts Festival with students, alumni, faculty and staff

Other featured alumni speakers included:
Victor AbiJaoudi ’03, Pola Changnon ’85, Audrey Fenske ’08, Annie Fleishman Franceschi ’08, David Garfinkle ’83, Justin Gilanyi ’04, Nathaniel Hill ’12, Molly Himmelstein ’12, Mike Macari ’92, Gwendolyn Oxenham ’04, Tommy Swanhaus ’04, and Andre Woolery ’03

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