Duke Alumni Association solemnly remembers alumni who perished during the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, and those who have given their lives in military service to the United States of America.

Victims of Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks

Six Duke alumni died during the attacks on New York and Washington: Michael Morgan Taylor '81, Frederick C. Rimmele III, M.D. '94, A. Todd Rancke '81, Christopher Todd Pitman '93, Peter Ortale '87, and J. Robinson "Rob" Lenoir '84. Duke planted a grove of six trees in their memory in Keohane Quadrangle, and on each anniversary since the attacks, Duke Alumni Association has laid a wreath to remember them.  

Service members who died on active duty

Duke Alumni Association collects the names of alumni who have died in active duty while serving in the United States military to ensure that their names are inscribed on the War Memorial in Duke Chapel Memorial Quadrangle. In October 2009, we led a major effort to update the memorial, which was originally placed to honor Duke Alumni who died in World War II. The Alumni Association, Duke President Richard H. Brodhead and U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki A.M. ’76, dedicated a new plaque inscribed with these names of those who died while on active duty since World War II, including during the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, and the Iraq War.


Korean War
Lee E. Brinson '55
John Spencer Carson '49
Albert William Fletcher '37
Thomas Salkald Hodgson '51
Lawrence Ellerbe Hunt '50
Roger Beeson Kirchofer '51
John Lyle Loehr '51

Vietnam War
Drew James Barrett '67
Harry L. Blackburn Jr. B.S.C.E. '58
Theodore H. Burton '68
William Clifton Clay III '63
John Hunter Crews III '64
John Dudley Dalhouse '64
Thomas Jay Hayes IV '65
Robert Alan Holt '65
Charles Jerome Huneycutt Jr. '65
Marion Lee Kempner '64
Benjamin G. Lang '68

Charles Gilbert Mason '64
Richard Crawford Nelson '63
Kenneth Earl Norris '67
John J. Parker '65
Cornelius Herbert Ram G'70
James E. Torrence III A.M. '67
David Hugh Wyrick '60

Iraq War
Matthew Devin Lynch '01
James John Regan '02

Active Duty
Karl Vernon Albert '55
Thomas Patrick Anderson '64
Edwin Ray Barnes B.S.C.E. '63
Charles L. Bick '80
Richard Green Brantley Jr. B.S.E. '87
Jacob Dixon III '78
Steve A. Fris B.S.E. '76
James Fuller Glass Jr. '54

Michael J. Griffin B.S.E. '79
Billy Marius Hansen '55
David Dillon Holt '61
Stephen Starr King '77
Thomas P. Lawton '70
Jason S. Manse '97
Hugh Dean McQuillan, Jr. '67
Richard Carl Oliver '55
Benjamin Russell Partin '62
Parham Thomas Price '54
Rosemarie Hope Reid '88
William Chadwick Scott '52
John C. Scull B.S.M.E. '69
Charles Ernest Seager '55
Alan Otis Shealy '82
Carrie D. Shoemaker B.S.E. '00
Donald Edward Spofford '53
John Richard Stacey '61
Howard E. Wagoner III '72

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Photo: Matt Lynch, left, was killed in Iraq. From War Stories featured in Duke Magazine