Charles A. Dukes Award

Recognizing extraordinary long-term volunteer leaders

The Charles A. Dukes Award was instituted in 1982 and was named after the first director of the Duke Alumni Association, who built his reputation on volunteer leadership. Since then, the Duke Alumni Association has presented the award to nearly 300 long-standing volunteers who have served with distinction in leadership roles, and like Dukes, have devoted themselves to extraordinary long-term efforts that help Duke further its mission.

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Each year, nominations are submitted by staff in the Alumni Affairs and University Development offices and approved by their respective boards. The winners are notified of their selection by the President in July. Nominators should describe in detail how their candidates have excelled in their volunteer position. To nominate a fellow alum, please fill out and submit the online nomination form.




Join us in congratulating the 2015 Charles A. Dukes Award winners:

Stuart Dean ’75, P’03, P’11Stuart Dean ’75, P’03, P’11

Connected to the best
Known as a trusted and thoughtful leader, Stuart Dean sees his volunteer work at Duke as a way to give back just a measure of what was given to him during his days at Duke. For 25 years, Dean has served as General Electric’s key executive for Duke, using his integral position to help guide, direct, facilitate and foster the engagement between the university and GE. Over the years, GE has given millions of funding in support of teaching and research programs and offered Duke graduates first consideration for jobs with GE.

Dean’s role at GE is CEO of ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, which is a dynamic and emerging economic region. Dean has lived in Southeast Asia for 24 years and possesses a deep knowledge of the region, culture and economic and legal practices. He plans to retire to the region.

Dean’s international experience and expertise profits Duke through his commitment to DukeEngage. He offers networking opportunities through his contacts in the private and public sectors and leverages his connections for the benefit of Duke programs benefiting students and faculty. He also serves on the Trinity Board of Visitors and has made significant personal contributions to the university.

Sally Searcy Kleberg ’66, P’91, P’94Sally Searcy Kleberg ’66, P’91, P’94

Forever Duke, Deep in the Heart of Texas
Volunteerism is at the heart of Duke University, and Sally Searcy Kleberg took her commitment to volunteerism and Duke with her deep into the heart of Texas. Since moving to Texas in the late 1960s, Kleberg has been integral to keeping the Duke community strong in the Lone Star State’s biggest cities. She, along with her husband Kip, began a Duke alumni group for Central Texas that included San Antonio and South Texas alumni.

When they arrived in San Antonio, they connected with local Dukies only to discover a very scattered alumni group in the South Texas region. Searcy Kleberg worked tirelessly to bring the group together, eventually building the official Duke Alumni group for South Texas. The Klebergs’ commitment to Duke did not stop there. She and Kip chaired the regional campaign committee for major gifts when the university launched the capital campaign for the building of the Bryan Center. Kleberg also served on the Board of Trustees in the late 1970s.

In 1990, Kleberg relocated to New York City bringing her love of Duke and her commitment to its alumni with her. She still remains an active member of the Duke Alumni group of New York. She also has served on the Nicholas School of the Environment’s Board of Visitors since 1991, currently in the role of chairman of its development committee.

Harsha Murthy ’81Harsha Murthy ’81

Preserving the role of volunteer
Harsha Murthy’s list of volunteer roles at Duke couldn’t be contained within the allotted space on the award nomination sheet. Much of his volunteer time has been spent in service to the Library Advisory Board (LAB) of which he was a member for 15 years and the board’s chair for the last four and a half years.

During his tenure as the LAB chairperson, Murthy oversaw many projects at Duke Libraries, most notably the recent renovation of Rubenstein Library and the launch of the Duke Forward campaign. Murthy has attended events on behalf of Duke Libraries including the National Collegiate Book Collecting Contest in Washington, D.C., a special event at the Library of Congress hosted by Duke Trustee David Rubenstein ‘70 and dinners with President Brodhead.

Murthy is a member of Duke’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Taskforce. He is also involved with the Duke University Financial Partners and has been a guest lecturer for students in the Duke in New York Financials Markets and Institutions program. Murthy is also a member of Duke’s leadership board in Washington, D.C., and is a member and donor for the Duke Chronicle Development Committee. Last but not least, Murthy has participated in the Alumni Admissions Advisory Committee (AAAC), serving future generations of students.

He says that volunteering for Duke brings him personal satisfaction and is just plain “fun.” We have to agree with him.

Karl Sheffield ’54Karl Sheffield ’54

The best kind of yes-man
“Karl is an alumnus who says ‘yes’ to Duke, no matter the request,” says nominator Stacy Davis, senior assistant director of Leadership Giving. “From his involvement with athletics that spans many decades to his support of our new comprehensive reunion model to his gift planning leadership, Karl continues to say ‘yes’ to Duke.”

During the preparation for his 60th reunion, Sheffield authored a letter to his class — sharing his reasons for supporting Duke with a planned gift. The passion of his words inspired many classmates to give their support, and the result was a record-breaking 1954 class gift. Sheffield was a key leader during the reunion event, with roles that included introducing President Brodhead and representing the class of 1954 on stage with the class gift.

Sheffield’s service to Duke reaches every corner of the university. In addition to his reunion leadership, he has served on the Campaign Steering Committee, Athletics Advisory Board, Athletics Leadership Board, Duke Forward Athletics Leadership Campaign Committee, Women’s Athletic Scholarship Campaign Committee, Development Council in Atlanta and the Regional Campaign Council.

Gregg Tenser ’89Gregg Tenser ’89

Reputation for excellence
Surpassing goals has been a signature move of Gregg Tenser throughout his service to Duke. As co-chair for the class of 1989’s 20th and 25th reunions, Tenser’s leadership helped the class exceed their Annual Fund reunion goals on both occasions. While this feat is remarkable on its own, what makes it and Tenser’s leadership even more impressive is the fact that the class of 1989 had never reached a previous reunion fundraising goal.

As a result of Tenser’s great work as a fundraising volunteer, he was appointed to the Annual Fund Executive Committee (AFEC) in the summer of 2009. Since joining the committee, Tenser has been an active member by attending every meeting (often flying in from overseas), hosting alumni events in Los Angeles and advocating for an inter-reunion engagement program.

Thanks to Tenser’s diligence and passion, the class of 1989 holds a reputation for being a fantastic reunion fundraising class. Tenser has helped form the strategic direction for the AFEC, which will be setting its sights on increasing fundraising goals exponentially— and we know how Tenser handles goals. “The impact of his leadership will be felt for years to come,” says nominator Jen Cameron.

Other Charles A. Dukes honorees

1983 Recipients

George D. Beischer '63
Susan Fox Beischer '63
Joan Kansteiner Berthoud '49
Sharon Stewart Byrd '61
Katherine Mitchell Couch N'58
George F. Dutrow '59, M.D.'60, Ph.D.'70
Charles R. Fyfe, Jr. '68, M.B.A.'74
Rufus R. Hambright '44, M.D.'50
Richard M. Hiergesell T'39
Nelson P. Jackson T'53 W.
Arthur Kale '25, B.D.'31
Amos R. Kearns, Jr. T'58
Gayle Cooper Kearns T'58
Nancy Weigle Kraus '73, A.M.'74
George D. McCeney E'33
Robert K. Montgomery LL.B.'64
Peter M. Nicholas '64
Virginia Lilly Nicholas '64
Beth Daniel Osborne N'77
Joanne Snow Osteen '58
David Stollwerk '64
Thaddeus B. Wester '46, M.D.'51
William B. Wilmer E'51

1984 Recipients

Timothy C. Barber '78
Julia Caudle Cogburn '78
William C. Dackis E'44
Margaret Washburn Davis '37
J. Roland Goode T ‘36
Edward M. Hanson, Jr. '73, A.M.'77, J.D.'77
Julie Kline Hopper T'61
James A. Matthews, III '78
Richard Maxwell E'55
Frederick W. Neu E'34
Pamela Sargent Newsome N'69
Anna Cooper Painter R.N.'48, B.S.N.Ed.'54
Betty Smith Speir '49
Jeannette Mumford Straub N'63, M.S.N.'66 K.
David Straub '59, M.D.'65, Ph.D.'68
Charles E. Warner M.D.'58

1985 Recipients

James N. Barton E'60
Henry M. Beck, Jr. '73
John P. Bent, Jr. P'88
Susan Parker Bishopric '50
Roy S. Bredder '65
Werner C. Brown '42
O. Charlie Chewning, Jr. '57
William M. Eagles '40, M.D.'44
Clay S. Felker '51
F. Owen Fitzgerald, Jr. B.D.'54
Marvin A. Franklin, III '70 (Gus)
Emile L. Gebel '58, M.D.'62
Carol Anspach Kohn '60
Edward J. Landau '51
Harry L. Nolan, Jr. '64
Alan E. Rimer E'64
Elizabeth Becker Taylor '49

1986 Recipients

Chester J. Andrews '29, B.D.'32
R. William Bramberg '57
Charlotte Corbin '35
George J. Evans, Jr. E'56
Brenda LaGrange Johnson T'61
John A. Koskinen '61
Robert F. Long '41
Margaret Castleberry Malone N'39
F. Maxton Mauney, Jr. M.D.'59
Thomas E. McLain '68, J.D.'74
Robert E. Mitchell LL.B.'61
Kathleen Bryson Moore '35
George W. Nance '36
Dale R. Shaw '69, M.D.'73
Brian Stone LL.B.'63

1987 Recipients

James H. Corrigan, Jr. E'47
Dan W. Hill, III T'66
Jan Blei Jason M.Ed.'73
Cynthia A. MacLeod '75
John P. Ondek, Jr. '37
Leon L. Rice, Jr. J.D.'36
Dorothy Lewis Simpson '46
William R. Sizemore M.F.'47
Catherine Stilson Thompson '78
James D. Warren '79
Arthur E. Wheeler E'47
Virginia Tate Williams N'56

1988 Recipients

Edward P. Berger '58, A.M.'59
Frances Adams Blaylock '53 (Parkie)
Stanley G. Brading, Jr. '75
E. Blake Byrne '57
Julie Campbell Esrey '60
Joseph C. Farmer M.D.'62, H.S.'62‑'65, '67‑'70
Robert T. Johnson, Jr. T'58
Francis E. Kelly, Jr. T'44
Charles W. Petty, Jr. LL.B.'63
Barbara Albers Rinella '65
Thomas C. Schneider P'87
Eula Wilson Wake '29
Gregory Scot Wolcott E'78

1989 Recipients

Darryl Wade Copeland E'58
Palmer Peebles Garson '79
Katherine Wood Gauld '61
S. Perry Keziah, Jr. T'54, J.D.'54
Roberta C. Pearlman P'90

1990 Recipients

Edward G. Bowen, M.D. T'57, M'59
Donald B. Brooks T'65, L'68
Lawrence C. Davis '40 (Crash)
Patricia A. Dempsey '80
Anton Henry Gaede, Jr. L'64
Robert A. Garda E'61
Lawrence E. Goldenhersh '77
Laura Anne Hancock '82
William E. King '61, G'63 '70
James E. Love, III '79
C. Maness Mitchell '41, D'44
Vincent L. Sgrosso '57, J.D.'62
Fred W. Shaffer '54
Margaret Taylor Smith '47
Carolyn Cone Weaver '59

1991 Recipients

Michele Clause Farquhar '79
John E. Hansen T'59
Robert L. Heidrick T'63
W. Eric Hinshaw T'71
David G. Klaber J.D.'69
Katy Sords Mercer '77
Paul D. Risher E'57
Elaine R. Sanders '91
Jack D. Williams, M.D. T'60, M'65
Charles Howe Wilson T'51

1992 Recipients

Helen and Bill Curtin P'92
Rebecca Weathers Dukes W'56 (Becky)
F. Reid Ervin E'42
N. Allison Haltom W'72
Lawrence Foy Hayes, Jr. D'75
Kenneth W. Hubbard T'65
Nancy Page Jackson T'68
Anthony J. Limberakis, M.D. M'79
Richard A. Palmer L.L.B.'66 (Chip)
Marjorie Anderson Pipkin W'66
Kenneth H. Pugh E'70
Michael G. Reiland T'75
Pamela Landreth Reiland T'75
Guy Solie T'67
Doris A. Stoessel W'67

1993 Recipients

Jay Morris Arena M.D. '32
Lawrence E. Blanchard, Jr. A.B.'42
Louis H. Fracher A.B. '42
William O. Goodwin T'68
Nancy Jordan Ham A.B. '82
Harvey B. Hamrick T'54
Virginia Versagli Herndon A.B. '75
Thomas P. Losee, Jr. A.B. '63
David C. Martin A.B. '52
William W. Neal III T'54
Peter Robert Schmidt T'56
Nancy Russell Shaw L'73

1994 Recipients

Rex D. Adams T'62
Elizabeth Huggin Collins '58
Joanne Yoder Dearth '70
Dara Lyn DeHaven AM'74, JD'80
James C. Geoghegan T'54
James F. Girand E'59
Calvin Hill P'94
Janet Hill P'94
Robert M. Price, Jr. '52
Robert Rosemond T'49, M'53
Judith Burns Smedberg '65
Kathleen Stone Sorley '79
A. Morris Williams, Jr. T'62, MAT'63

1995 Recipients

Charles M. Couric T'68
Joyce Harrold Hamilton T'65
Kathleen Dobson Ix E'79
Lisa Edelman McLaughlin T'78
Robert Williams McLaughlin T'79
Charles M. Smith T'62, D'65
Laurel Kimbrough Walsh T'63
John A. Yarborough T'41, M'44
Gwynne A. Young T'71

1996 Recipients

Marion and Penny Antonini P'96
Eva Herbst Davis '87
James E. Gibson, Jr. '50
Terri Lynn Mascherin T'81
Laurie Eisenberg May '71
Randolph J. May '68, J.D. '71
Stacy Leigh Sempier T'81
Harold L. Yoh, Jr. E'58

1997 Recipients

Charles B. Corley, Jr. E'49
Cecelia Gassner E'94
Charles V. Ghoorah AB'91, JD'94, AM'94
Edward M. Reefe E'68
Nora Lea Rogers Reefe W'67
Sheri Sauter T'97
John L. Sherrill T'50
Susan Payor Wilkerson T'83

1998 Recipients

Adrienne L. Baroff T’87
Anne Tyrell Elmore A.B.78
Sumathi R. Jones A.B.'87, A.M.'95
Grace P. Lowden T’52
David C. Rorer PhD’64
Margo D. Rorer MAT ‘65
W. Earl Sasser T’65

1999 Recipients

Catherine Angell T’73
Susan F. Kistler BSN ’84, MSN ‘94
Bruce J. Ruzinsky T’80, JD ‘83
Michele M. Sales T’78, JD ‘81
Mohamed O. Sarhan J.D. ‘99
Stephen A. Windham T’93

2000 Recipients

Sara Hall Brandaleone WC’65
Robert M Carter T’65
Camille Crittenden G’91, G’97
Ted S. Levy E’63
Walter W. Simpson III B’74
Robert K. Steel T’73
Donald W. Wallis '72, J.D.'74

2001 Recipients

James F. Akers T’73 (Jake)
Peter H. Burian (Faculty)
James Allen Byerly, Jr. T’74
Melody Tope Hainline T’82
Michael R. Hemmerich T’80, L’85, B’94
Page Ives Lemel BSE ‘84
Ruth Ann Hall Sauter T’71
John T. Tolsma T’95
Joseph E. Walker, T’51, M’60
Harold G. Wallace BD ‘71
Patricia Speight Wilson T’76
William T. Wilson T’76
Russell Wright T'71 (Rusty)

2002 Recipients

William A. Bermont, II T’97
Daniel L. Dees T’92
Michael Dockterman L’78
Ann Wooster Elliott T’88
Jason W. Goode T ’97, J.D.’00
William J. Griffith, III T’50
Robert T. Harper T’76
Scott I. Kaplan T’92
Mark S. Militello T’84
Richard H. Patterson, Jr. T’80
Jonathan B. Rosen T’92
John Sacha T’70
Suzanne J. Wasiolek T’76, G’78, L’93
Seth A. Watkins, BSE’92, MS’93, PhD’96, JD’99
Cary Willis Weems T’77

2003 Recipients

Christopher A. R. Brice T’87
Curtis Francis Brockelman, Jr. ’91
Douglas M. Firstenberg T’82
R. Menese Gardner T’42
Peter C. Griffith T’78
T. Rudolph Howell M’58
Sang Chul Lee G’76
Charles B. Looper T’53, P’78, P’86
Joanne L. Mazurki T’74
Alex F. Roland, PhD ’74

2004 Recipients

Michael J. Bingle E’94
Kate Bostock T’94
Frank Burney T’76
Susan Lynn Callahan T’86
James G. Dalton T’44
Lee E. Faber T’64
Anne DeVoe Lawler T’75
Dan Levitan T’79
Ariane H. Matschullat P'04
Robert W. Matschullat P’04
Richard S. Miller T’68
Peter M. Nicholas, Jr. T’92, B’98
Robert R. Penn T’74
Simon B. Rich, Jr. T’67
Matt D. Sample T’96
Edwin Colby Walton T’94
Sara Towe Wood WC ’42

2005 Recipients

Wilton Dale Alston B.S.E.’81
Charlotte Reeves Clark ’79, MEM’83
Diana L. Crawford P’01,P’03,P’05
Thomas W. Crawford P’01,P’03,P’05
Nikki Hurst Gibson ’80
Christopher W. A. Holt M.B.A.’96
Peter J. Kahn JD’76
Kenneth Durham Weeks, Jr. MD’74

2006 Recipients

Erica Berg Gavin ’96
John R. Gordon P’06
Kiendl D. Gordon P’06
Roy W. Kiefer M.B.A.’78
Derrick Banks Mashore ’79

2007 Recipients

Babita Lal Deitrich B.S.E.’89, M.B.A.’96
Kathleen E. Viall Gallagher B.S.N.’75
Sibylle Gierschmann LL.M.’99
David E. Majestic ’80, M.H.A.’83

2008 Recipients

Alberto Jose Delgado ’93
R. Ross Harris ’78, M.B.A.’80
William P. Miller ’77
Mark E. Stalnecker ’73
Robert C. Taylor ’49, LL.M.’52
Mike S. Zafirovski P’08
Robin G. Zafirovski P’08

2009 Recipients

Betsy Alden-Rutledge WC’64
Marilyn Mayberry Arthur WC’56, P’79, P’88
Danal Blessis B.S.E.’82
Jill Bayer Ciporin ’84
Jill Moskowitz Gardner ’89
Janis Jordan Rehlaender B.S.E.’77, P’07,’09, ’11

2010 Recipients

Thomas C. Clark '69
Harry H. Esbenshade, III ’79 (Hap)
Jeffrey H. Fox ’84
Kathryn Crommelin Lieb ’69
Richard B. Lieb ’69
Owen A. May M.B.A.’83

2011 Recipients

Artyn Haig Gardner '73
Alice Matheson Stanback W.C.’53
Fred J. Stanback, Jr. T’50
Paul S. Teller T’93
Melvia L. Wallace T’85

2012 Recipients

2012 Recipients

Mary Dawson WC '53
Ann Pelham Cullen T’74
Ruth Ross WC’68
Lewis Fred Sutherland T'73 and Barbara H. Sutherland T'75
Jerry Wilkinson E’67
Bill J. Geary P’12, P’15 and Kristi J. Geary P’12, P’15

2013 Recipients

C. Leland Bassett '59
Nelson Bellido '89
Mary "Kazie" C. Metzger WC '68
Peter Moller '61
Jean Derek Penn '79, M.B.A.'84

2014 Recipients

W. Barker French A.B.’63
William W. McCutchen B.S.C.E.’62 and Irene Lilly McCutchen A.B.’62
Hardy Vieux A.B.’93
Karl G. Wellner and Deborah A. Norville
Myles Wittenstein A.B.’59

2012 Recipients