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Encouraging and rewarding Duke excellence

Duke Alumni Association celebrates the reputation for excellence and public-spiritedness that Duke University and its graduates have earned throughout the world. We give several annual awards to honor those who exemplify these ideals and to uphold them as examples before the community.

Our alumni have also funded scholarships to cultivate future generations of exemplary Duke graduates, attracting students with high potential for success to the university and enabling many who would not otherwise have attended to become Forever Duke.

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2015 Award Winners

Kimberly Blackwell '89, H.S.'00 honored with the Distinguished Alumni Award

Kimberly Blackwell ’89, H.S.’00Leading the way in cancer research
Kimberly Blackwell embodies the innovation, passion and drive that make Duke University the special place it is — and the way she is using her talents makes her the special person we want to honor.

As a clinical oncologist at Duke since 1994 and now as the director of the breast cancer program at the Duke Cancer Institute, Blackwell has dedicated her time, research and expertise to the mission of fighting breast cancer and saving the lives of women everywhere.

Over the past several years, Dr. Blackwell developed a new breast-cancer treatment known colloquially as the “smart bomb.” The FDA approved the treatment — officially named T-DM1 — in 2013. T-DM1 attacks a particular protein found in an aggressive type of late-stage breast cancer while leaving the healthy cells untouched. The results are nothing short of miraculous. Women undergoing Dr. Blackwell’s treatment are surviving at higher rates and experiencing fewer chemotherapy side effects.

Blackwell also played a major role in the development of another breast cancer drug known as lapatinib. Her research work at Duke as the principal investigator for these two drug trials established Duke as the place where two of the last six drugs approved for breast cancer were engineered.

Blackwell’s groundbreaking research in the fight against cancer earned her a spot on TIME Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in the World” list in 2013.

In addition to her innovative research, Blackwell also serves as professor of medicine and assistant professor of radiation oncology at Duke University Medical Center and maintains an active clinical practice. Her clinical and research interests surround the formation of blood vessels in breast cancer, breast cancer in younger women and hormonal therapy.

“The Duke community is what kept me here,” Blackwell says. “The brain-tumor group at Duke has a slogan: ‘At Duke there’s hope.’ And that’s really true. We do things here that can’t be done anywhere else.”

Edward J. Balleisen, Associate Professor of History and Public Policy at Duke University and Senior Fellow at Duke’s Kenan Institute for Ethics, honored with the Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award (ADUTA)

Edward J. BalleisenA graduate of Princeton University and Yale University, Edward J. Balleisen has taught at Duke since 1997. In 2015, he became Vice Provost for Interdisciplinary Studies and directs the “Rethinking Regulation” project, an interdisciplinary research program at Duke’s Kenan Institute for Ethics that brings together more than 40 faculty and 20 students from Duke, N.C. State, and UNC-Chapel Hill to explore regulatory governance. For the past decade, Balleisen has been a leading participant in the Tobin Project, an organization that fosters the creation of multidisciplinary scholarly networks focused on pressing public policy challenges. His work with the Tobin Project earned Balleisen a 2013 MacArthur Foundation Award for Effective and Creative Organizations. In addition, Balleisen has written widely on the historical intersections among law, business, and policy in the United States, as well as the evolution of American regulatory institutions and contemporary debates on regulatory governance. In recent years, partly through his experiences with Bass Connections teams at Duke, Balleisen has become interested in exploring how to bring collaborative team-based inquiry into history. He also is committed to preparing doctoral students for careers outside as well as inside academia and to linking the research training of graduate students and undergraduates.

2015 Charles A. Dukes Award winners

Stuart Dean ’75, P’03, P’11
Sally Searcy Kleberg ’66, P’91, P’94
Harsha Murthy ’81
Karl Sheffield ’54
Gregg Tenser ’89

2015 Beyond Duke Service and Leadership Award winners

Maria Gibbs ’12 (Service by a Young Alumna/Alumnus)
Mark Hecker ’03 (Service to a Local Community)
Sally Heller Rankin M.S.N.’78 (Service to the Global Community)
Rev. William Rankin ’63, Ph.D.’77, A.M.’79 (Service to the Global Community)

2015 Forever Duke Award Winners

Jeremy Block ’03, M.P.P.’10, Ph.D.’10   Sarah Hostetter ’09   Nicole Pilo ’95
Sarah Borns ’72, P’02, P’08   Katherine Hutton ’05, M.B.A.’11   Kimberly Reed ’86
Kwang-Lu Amy Chen ’00   Jason Jones ’91   John Shen M.S.’96, A.M.’98
Cuyler Christianson ’76   Brooke Levin ’06   Jennifer Snook ’04, M.B.A.’11, M.E.M.’11
Thomas Fousse M.B.A.’94   Leslie Lewis ’79   Doris Stoessel ’67
Brian Greene ’05   John Lipe ’02   Denis Weinstein ’12
Alex Guttler ’05, M.B.A.’12   Pam Liu ’11    
Andrew Hananel ’01   Lyda Molanphy ’88    

The Class of 2009 5th Reunion Co-Chairs
Samantha Abramson ’09
Kathy Sunyoung Choi ’09
Bari Claster ’09
Kendall Dabaghi ’09
Alex Gorham ’09
Jin-Soo Huh ’09
Sunny Kantha ’09
Madison Li ’09
Mhoire Murphy ’09
Shannon Nelson ’09
Megan Neureither ’09
Sam Payton ’09, M.B.A.’11
Kevin Thompson ’09, M.M.S.’10


Duke Proceed Committee
Jamaal Adams ’97
Sanders Adu ’94
Brenda Armstrong ’70, H.S.’79
Audrey Ellerbee Ph.D.’07
Isaac Green ’83, P’14
Pamela Martin Green ’85, P’14
Winston Henderson ’90, J.D.’96
Janet Hill P’94
Jeffrey Howard ’76, P’06, P’09, P’11
Reginald Lyon ’84
Naakoshie Nartey ’02
Ann Pelham ’74, P’06
Danielle Squires ’02
Hardy Vieux ’93
Anne Sempowski Ward ’94, M.B.A.’04
Janice Gill Williams ’72, P’93